The Publisher & Editor initially went to Cuba in 1992 with Holmer Gold Mines Limited when Cuba first opened up to foreign investment after the Soviet Union dissolved. In the early 1990’s, he worked with a wave of Canadian publicly-listed junior mining and oil & gas companies that went to Cuba to explore for resources, then he worked on a number of real estate deals when Cuba briefly toyed with foreign ownership of real estate, then participated in a number of other sector deals. In addition, the Editor participated in several Investment Conferences dealing with business opportunities in Cuba and organized a number of tours to Cuba that promoted investment opportunities there. The Editor has been involved in the investment business for almost 40 years and has worked on both the Brokerage side in Retail, Research, Institutional and Trading and on the Public Company side as a Director and an Advisor in Financing, Acquisition and Marketing.

Contact: info@cubaninvestments.com


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    My name is Hugo, i have been receiving your newletter for over a year now. I would like to speak to you .


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