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6 responses to “Contact or Subscribe

  1. John M W

    Irish citizen, visiting Cuba regularly each year. Seeking business/investment in Cuba. Wishes to be proprietor of first real Irish bar in Havana. (found ideal location, don’t know where to begin!) Also interested in property investment/small hotel.

    • Great idea. Did you know there is a street in Havana named O’neal St.? It was named after the Irish surveyor who worked under the Spanish flag and surveyed the island for the Spanish. This took place in about 1867 when the English traded Cuba back to the Spanish for Florida after holding it for about a year. But you probably already know this.
      Good Luck.
      Robert Young Hernandez

  2. Heather R

    I am a real estate agent and would like more information on purchasing property in Cuba for myself, as well as joining a company there to work full time in the Real Esate industry in Cuba. My husband in Cuban and I am American with Cuban heritage.

  3. Emily C

    Please put me on your e-mail list.

    Thank you.


    Emily C

  4. Jim B

    Please add my name to your mailing list.

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