Penthouse Condo for sale in Havana, Cuba

A Penthouse Condo for sale in Havana, Cuba has come to our attention and we have included a link to a two pager of it in the Cuban Real Estate section of this site that includes photos, floor plan and some basic information.

If you are still interested in the Penthouse after viewing the two pager, contact us at:



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2 responses to “Penthouse Condo for sale in Havana, Cuba

  1. Goran

    just wondering how is it possible for a foreginer (Canadian) to buy property in Havana?

    Thnak you.

    Goran Zelenovic

    • Cuba

      A foreigner can buy property in Havana in two ways. Legally and illegally. Many years ago, Cuban authorities allowed the construction of various condo/apartment developments which were specially designated to be sold to foreigners. They were located in specific areas and you had all the ownership rights of normal real estate. There were some special clauses regarding resale, etc. However, due to the fact that a Real Estate Law that was being developed at that time was never passed, these developments were halted and many of those condos/apartments were repurchased by the government. Some still exist, and if they were held in the name of a company versus an individual, this made it possible for them to be sold to others without government intervention. The other method, basically illegal, is the purchase of real estate from individuals, which does occur but is not recognized by the government. If you look in the links on the home page of this website, there is a link to a site called Cuba House Trading that shows listings of real estate for “trading” in Cuba…. something that is “allowed” and is “semi-legal”. There is another link to a condo/resort development being built out towards Varadero called The Carbonera Club. Real estate in Cuba is very complicated and does not lend itself to explanation in this format.

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